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Tribe - Laravel eCommerce Platform

Tribe is a free e-Commerce store software. The scalable solution lets businesses with inventory set up an online shop and sell products. 

Industries we serve

One!Kart - Standalone Multi-Vendor eCommerce Platform

Yo!Kart is a standalone solution to launch secure and scalable B2C, P2P/C2C multi vendor marketplace websites with result-driven features 一 for the admin to manage and build their brand, sellers to transact in personalized virtual storefronts, and the end-users to experience eCommerce intuitively.

Industries we serve

One!Meal- Meal Prep Marketplace Solution

The meal Prep niche continues to flourish by providing customers with quick and healthy meal kits delivered to their homes. One!Meal is a readymade online meal-prep eCommerce marketplace solution that has been developed by analyzing key pain points in this niche. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

On a broader level, an eCommerce marketplace is an online platform where multiple sellers (vendors) can transact with their customers. The platform is controlled by an admin. The online marketplace can be implemented across multiple industries like retail, online trading, rental, online coaching, travel, and more. They can be based on multiple business models. The opportunities are endless.

Amazon, Alibaba, Freelancer, Udemy, Turo, Instacart, Uber eats are all examples of eCommerce marketplaces.

eCommerce marketplace software are off-the-shelf solutions that let entrepreneurs bypass the need to develop a platform from the ground up and build an eCommerce marketplace with minimum resources and quick time, using the software. Depending upon the business model implemented, the online marketplace can be owned by the sellers, buyers, or an intermediary.

An eCommerce marketplace is developed by first identifying the right technology or framework, knowing the right set of features and functionalities to succeed in the particular domain, testing the marketplace, and more.

The Achilles heel of this process is that it requires significant time and resources, and expertise in the market dynamics.

The faster method is to use an eCommerce marketplace software and leverage all the effort that has already been invested into its development. The best marketplace software have been developed by closely examining the success of established players like Amazon, Alibaba, Udemy, Turo, and others. All these benefits will form the underpinnings of your eCommerce success.

By adopting the latter approach, a significant amount of resources can be saved as well.

The choice for the right online marketplace software can be narrowed down by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want a SaaS-based software with recurring costs that add to the overheads, or do I want a license-based product with a one-time payment?
  • Which software is customizable, and will allow me to scale my business.
  • What all features and functionalities will be required in the platform, Will I need customization?
  • Is the software backed by a team that makes it future-proof?
  • Lastly, in what niche of the eCommerce industry, do I see business opportunities?

Oneplugtech products are self-hosted, license-based products, available with a one-time purchase of the lifetime license. They are robust, secure, and scalable. Each product has been developed by analyzing the pain points and the requirements to excel in a niche market, and beyond.

Additionally, all products are backed by efficient after-sales technical support, provided by an Agile team. Many of the products come with free 1-year technical support to assist in the smooth launch of the online business.

Oneplugtech marketplace software can let entrepreneurs, SMBs, and enterprises build an eCommerce marketplace.

Amazon, Alibaba, Freelancer, Udemy, Turo, Instacart, Uber eats are all examples of eCommerce marketplaces.

The owner of the marketplace can generate revenue via commissions on the sale of products or services on the platform, subscription charges, PPC, and ad banners on the websites.

B2B eCommerce is evolving. Modern B2B marketplaces need specific features, yet offer customer buying experiences that are as good as B2C marketplaces.

Oneplugtech understands this requirement 一 Its B2B marketplace software has features like an in-built RFQ module, bulk ordering, minimum order quantity, ability to hide prices, multiple revenue streams, pre-integrated business API for seamless business operations, and more.

Additionally, the software offers an intuitive shopping experience, just like B2C marketplace websites.

Yes, Oneplugtech marketplace software are equally suitable for enterprises, as they are for SMBs. For an enterprise, Oneplugtech products offer the following advantages:

  • Oneplugtech products are secure and scalable, allowing online businesses to grow without the need to re-platform at any stage.
  • Oneplugtech products come with no hidden costs and no transaction fee. This allows enterprises to transact in high volumes. Our products are also tested to support one million-plus users.
  • After-sales and customization services are integral to a seamless launch of the online marketplace. Oneplugtech products are backed by teams with eCommerce expertise that allow enterprises to buy the license for the software, purpose-develop it to suit their business requirements, and get after-sales support 一 all under one roof.
  • Oneplugtech products come with a comprehensive feature list out-of-the-box, reducing time to market for the business to gain a competitive advantage.